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Yarndley's Bush

Yarndley's Bush

Yarndley's Bush Reserve is the largest Kahikatea stand in the Waikato. The reserve has a raised boardwalk and a viewing platform to enable students to view ground cover and the understory forest tier without damaging vegetation.

Yarndley's Bush education programme's activities are often based at Yarndley's Bush and at Te Awamutu Museum. These acticvities are custom designed through consultation with the classroom teacher and are based around their learning intentions. An effort is made to ensure all main points are taught through something to see, hear and do.  

Programme content is varied but often consists of the following:

  • Discussion based on historic photos concerning the history of Yarndley's Bush
  • Interactive activities that allow the students to engage with Yarndley's Bush flora and fauna
  • Interactive group activities based on recognising the native bird calls in Yarndley's Bush and how traditional Maori used the bush
  • Focused hands-on experience with collection objects relating to Yarndley's Bush

Student and teacher resources are available.

Curriculum links could include: Social Science - Time, Continuity and Change.

Cost: $2 per student

Programme Length: 1.5 hours

Recent Feedback:

  • Highlights: The interactive group activities..
  • Programme: Fascinating and of interest to all students.
  • Facilitator: Clear with expectations, knowledgeable, able to talk to students at their level. Great programme again!

J.P - Cambridge East School

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